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Coup de coeur

La Hague sauvage et authentique

Cotentin Tourisme : Goury

Admirez les paysages typiques de la Hague, côté nature, entre terre et mer...
De Nacqueville à Biville, en passant par le Nez de Jobourg, venez découvrir les plus belles falaises d'Europe.

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To see in Normandy

The D-Day landing beaches

American Cemetery of Omaha Beach

The Historical Space of Normandy Battle is a real open-air museum gathering over the 3 departments of Normandy (Manche, Calvados, Orne) all sites, museums and places of memory dealing with the D-Day landing and the battles following.

Highlighted by the signature "Normandie Terre Liberté", eight tours allow you to discover places charged with History and emotions , and to understand the progresses of this huge Battle of which the Second World War depended.
- The Caen Memorial for Peace
- The "Pointe du Hoc "
- The American Cemetery of Colleville sur Mer (Omaha Beach)

The Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry

Dating back almost a millennium, this vast wool embroidery spans the centuries, illustrating the Conquest of England by William, Duke of Normandy. A comic strip as such, it will transport you back to mediaeval times in the midst of Vikings boats and Norman knights. 
Unaccompanied visit or with an audioguide. Audioguide tour for the Tapestry (available in 14 languages).

The Mont Saint Michel

le Mont Saint Michel

Rising from a hazy expanse of sand and waves, Mont Saint Michel appears like Man’s defiance of the elements and of time. A rock lost in a landscape smoothed by the wind.
Suspended high on the rock, the abbey calls you to discover the wild ambition of its builders and of those who, since 708, had wanted to make this isolated spot a meeting place for all people.
From the top, everything looks surprising: the prodigies of medieval architecture, the strength of nature, the light...
No one can remain unmoved by the message of this place.
As a UNESCO world heritage site, the abbey of Mont Saint Michel is a monument for everyone.

Le Haras du Pin à Alençon

crédit photo Haras National du Pin

Founded in 1715 by Colbert, this is the most prestigious French stud farm. It is part of the Institution des Haras Nationaux (National stud farms institution), a unique Government organisation with the aim of improving and managing the population of horses.
Every year there are races with processions of horses (in Autumn); competitions (eventing, dressage, breeding…) and cultural events (exhibitions, concerts etc). The stud farm is open to the public every day of the year